Flirty-ish Conversation Starters

by: Joan Alota

Hot Flirty Conversations With A Beautiful Woman And A Guy “Are you tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day?” A clichéd come on that women are tired of. They want the men that flirt with them to be clever, to try harder to get their attention. Going above and beyond the standard lines is almost mandatory, though at times a simple question or statement can get you further than something complicated. Here are some examples of conversation starters.

How are You Doing?

Joey Tribbianni, from the hit TV show Friends, turned asking a standard pleasantry into a pick up line. He emphasized the YOU when delivering the line which is something that you should replicate. This lets the woman know that you’re interested in what she has to say. This is the only common flirt line that you should use on a woman because it won’t make you seem like a womanizer but it does make you look like the kind of man that women want to talk to. This flirting line is one of the easiest to start a conversation and move right into getting a date.

How’s Your Husband?

This one seems weird to be flirty right? Wrong. By asking a woman about her spouse, you are making yourself seem less creepy and more valiant. When she says that she isn’t married, then you can come back with a line about how she is too pretty to be single. She will eat up the compliments and soon you will have her number, as well as the promise of a date. It will work because most women want to be thought of as wife material and asking about her husband will achieve that goal.

How Much Interest Do You Carry?

This is one of the set ups to a cheesy pick up line, but it is one of those that can make the woman that you are flirting with smile. You start with the first part of the question, “How much interest do you carry?” then move into the answer, “I bet a lot less than my credit card does.” The self-depreciation will grab her attention and she will probably reward you with a chuckle at the very least. This is where you move very easily into the real flirting that will capture her, and cause her to fall for your charm without ever knowing what happened.

What Perfume Are You Wearing?

This may seem to be another easy question but in fact it is not. You have to get close enough to the woman to actually make it seem like you can smell her, without getting too close and invading her personal space. Once you solve that problem, complimenting her scent will send her into the highest of highs and the flirting can commence between the two of you. Using this line lets her know that you appreciate the time she took to look and smell her best, this will put her in a much better mood and make it easier for you to let her know how beautiful you think she is.

Using everything from a common line that you might ask a friend to smelling a woman’s perfume and commenting about it can help you open the door and begin the journey to flirting. The openings that were used here are just examples of the many that you could use a couple of starters for the man who needs a bit of help when it comes to finding a way to start flirting with a woman. Avoiding the clichéd come on lines is necessary so that you are not labeled unworthy of a woman’s time. Plus who wants to use a line when you can ask a question that will generate more conversation than one of those pathetic lines that have become a joke. Now go find a woman and ask her the eternal question “How are YOU doing?

by: Joan Alota
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